Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SALON: ruffling!

Today I finished all the adorable ruffles on the styling stations. I thought I'd post some photos while in the process of hanging one.

The corner.

About to create a pleat in the fabric.
I should have taken more photos while I was pleating and hot-gluing the fabric to the stations, but I just didn't. Haha. But all I did was fold the fabric twice in one spot and glue it all down. I was going to nail it all up there, but the nail gun really scared me!

The result is so cute! And hot glue is almost magical to me. It's been forever since I used it.

The gallery walls are probably my favorite part of the design of the whole place. My mom and I have created several just by hanging mirrors, photos, and random things in bunches! Pinterest is what truly gave me that idea. It spruces up any room, and gives use to some of those extra things you have lying around that you picked up for super cheap at thrift stores and yard sales. Or maybe that's just my hoarder inside talking!

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