Monday, January 23, 2012

SALON: progress!

I've done a whole lot between that last salon post I made and now! But I wanted to update!

A few weeks ago, I figured out that my idea for dressers as stations was not going to work. So, my step dad custom built these larger-than-life styling stations for me!

I took this photo just after I attached one ruffle to my station. I thought the pink brightened the entire room up.  It's just such a pretty color and I feel like it makes everything look more girly and fun! It softens the hard lines  and the darkness of the stations. I'm starting to incorporate more pink things throughout the salon now. 

This is one of the gallery walls. My brother spray painted the piece of drift wood red. Since all the equipment is red, I also want to incorporate more red things into the overall appearance. I got the Marilyn picture at Wal-Mart and I love it so much! I have another photo of her that I want to hang, but I haven't decided if I really want to do that or not. I really need more hair-related photos and the space to hang them. But I just feel like Marilyn is so feminine, beautiful, and such an icon, that it would fit into the design and bring just that much more life to the building and my business. 

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